Announcing Shirley L. White’s book,


Emancipate to Freedom


Divulging Different Dimensions Book coverThis is my true story. A gifted individual who has spent life seeking truth and embracing challenges bringing me into who I am today. Utilizing knowledge and wisdom from the unseen. Naturally gifted, I put a lot of energy into shutting those gifts off to fit into what others called normal. I was reawakened once I moved off the grid in my mid-fifties with my little companion dog Dottie.
Although I had been living in the city, I woke one morning realizing I could no longer continue to stay there. I knew it was time to fully explore my gifts. I took a leap of faith, and purchased a deserted cabin in the beautiful Utah mountains, discovering harmony, peace, and a whole new level of gifts that I wasn’t aware of. Once I made the move to the cabin, I changed my phone number and remained effectively isolated for the next 4 years exploring my gifts and my new living environment until I felt I could begin to reconnect with the outside world. Doing this taught me the principles of life.
During this period of isolation, I began to rediscover myself and slowly, my circle began to expand, connecting with others who were of similar energy and mindset. I have always felt a special connection with children, animals, and individuals with special needs. That connection has deepened, and I have a much clearer understanding of how blessed and honored I am to have these gifts and deeper awareness. My hope and dream in sharing my story is to inspire others to seek and expand their own natural abilities. I invite you into your own inspired life.

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A Further Caveat to my Readers:

What is contained in these pages is derived from personal experiences and beliefs that are true for me. Portions of the content may inspire some and may trigger others. If a trigger arises, please seek professional advice to process and release those emotions, allowing yourself to reclaim freedom and peace within yourself.

I do recognize that some of the content may be considered controversial. Although I have not always been one to stand up for myself, I have always been one who stands for innocent children, men, women, minorities, and those who are different: who have had to fight in order to feel safe. This includes entities from other dimensions. Fighting may bring justice, but it can also bring resistance and wasted energy. I declare that it is time to change and shift what was, and what has been and bring forth a new way of being.

Not everyone will think as I do, nor do I expect them to. Our life’s journey here on earth is to learn how to love and respect ourselves and others, even when they do not believe as we do. There is no right or wrong way, and nothing is in black or white, it simply is.

My intent in writing this book is to give my readers the opportunity to grow and look at what we have become as a collective and how, in my opinion, we have arrived at this point. There is no blame or shame toward us or others. We are all here to grow, heal and learn.

I stand in my power, guided by the Divine. It is my honor to work to bring peace and harmony to the earth plane. Like Mother Teresa once said when asked about becoming a saint: I will surely be one of darkness. I will continually be absent from heaven—to light the light of those in darkness on earth.” Having lived in darkness has surely brought me to the light. Our darkness is not to be feared. It is to be embraced in order to live in the light. Duality!

Thank you for your support. It is my wish and hope for the future to enlighten those who are ready to awake and live in the light, where there is safety, protection, and love for all things.

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