Shirley L. White in NatureShirley is clairaudience “clear hearing”, clairvoyance “clear seeing”, claircognizant “clear knowing” and clairsentient “clear feeling”. With being so sensitive to her abilities feeling overwhelmed with all the information received from the spiritual world along with from other humans, animals, and the plant community it took her into her late fifties to discover these were gifts to be shared with the collective. She has a vision for a brighter future with reverence and appreciation for simplicity, taking things back to the root, with an understanding of how things originate. Simplified by using the tools that have always been used in past lives and in centuries before ushering the collective and majority of the souls in this realm to a future in which is in correspondence to the natural cycles and how things have always been taken care of by the universe and how the universe replenishes itself. Having a deep respect for how things have been done long ago. Preferring to live a life through simplify. Advocating for the natural way of life and all the natural things that Gaia and the universe possess. Holding dear to my heart animals, and plants, and keeping the peace within the natural realm. A huge heart for those who have been treated poorly, or do not get the care or attention, including the environment. Taking care of the earth is a priority. Perpetuating the old ways of living, wanting the rest of the world to get on board with this. The universe has taken care of itself for Infinity. The natural ways in which it does this, teaching us a lot about how to maintain our life or how to better our life. Understanding the natural cycles and then incorporating those natural cycles into a mainstream way of being. An understanding how humans have interacted with animals and Gaia creating a destructive condition. Having the desire to literally transform the world. By bringing it back to how it started, an appreciation for the source. Bringing awareness to the origination, the natural beginning. Transmitting energies that linger or stunt the growth of something, someone, animals, land, and more. Striving to break things down to the root to the bare minimum and what would remain. Understanding how to rid all the complications, chaos, dysfunctions that have built up for so many years. Letting the simplicity shine and letting one’s authenticity shine. For those that feel as if they can’t be in the presence of the emptiness of space, bringing new perspectives allowing people to (and comfort in the decluttering in minimizing their space, not needing to feel supported by materials. What our planet is currently missing or what is depleting, scarce or becoming distinct and I am simply not wanting that to happen. For a certain species or plant to die and how that impacts the whole. I am in service to the natural elements. Thriving in and with nature, being with plant life immersing myself in the woods the desert, really speaks to my heart, wearing my heart on my sleeve, with generosity and a deep appreciation for the small things. I am someone who gets intimate with what some do not, embracing personal growth with the cycles and regeneration and how the universe takes care of itself. Understanding while being in choppy waters trusting where it’s taking me.
Being in tune with foods and how it affects health, energy, and moods. Accepting to become a butterfly we must go through the caterpillar phase. Always curious about what can be learned and appreciated from all experiences and situations. Striving to better myself each day and accept!ng what my environment brings