My mission is to inspire others and lead by example. Taking a leap of faith when I moved off the grid to discover who I am at my core, to live my life with passion, desire, and a sense of curiosity about how this would all come together.

Purchasing a cabin that needed a little tender loving care. Which meant designing the interior and exterior as it had no electricity, heat or plumbing. The yard was in shambles with an old collapsed camper, broken fencing, rusty tools, and some building materials. Having been vacant the previous four years, the rodents made it a nice home for themselves. The cabin reflected my thoughts about myself.

Entering a time of solidarity for the next 5 years as I made progress in preparing the cabin and land to become a retreat for self-discovery. This needed to begin with me. With each project, I was slowly rebuilding myself along with the cabin.

In time I began to learn the principles of life. What was important to me and what wasn’t? For some time, I continued to do what felt familiar. I knew how to do it, what I didn’t know was how to feel. I knew how to cater to other people’s needs and wants, just not my own.

Over time I noticed, for me to thrive and reach what I want to accomplish in life, I had to stop doing and being what I had learned or felt. The mainstream way and what society considered to be the norm simply didn’t work for me.

What did work, was discovering what felt right for me at that moment and in the time frame that worked best for me. What did I value most? What steps work for me and in what order? Are a few questions I began asking myself. Totally focusing on what was in my best interest to bring feelings of love, joy, and fulfillment into my daily life

Life is about doing what feels right for us while respecting others for doing the same.