Blue Orb

Blue Orb

Shortly after moving into the cabin, I became aware of lights flickering. My first experience of a light blinking was while in the room which is now the bathroom. Three walls were sheeted, leaving one unfinished, with wiring for a light fixture exposed. More often than not, when I turned the light on, it would flicker, leading me to believe it had something to do with faulty wiring. Eventually I realized that it was not faulty wiring, but rather spirit communicating with me. I had many questions, and wondered how to receive the answers. I wrote on the wall to be sheet rocked, 1 for yes, 2 for no, asking for spirit to respond to my questions in this manner. I laugh now, looking back at the questions I asked to understand how spirits communicate. Spirit continued to get my attention, causing lights in other rooms to flicker when I turned them on, with me still trying to decipher the message. One day, I noticed a blue orb moving up and down the wall. I followed the movement of the blue orb on the mirror, recording it with my phone while at times also recording questions asked. In time, I realized that the blue orb presented itself when I felt sad or hopeless. Vocalizing my thoughts and not receiving any messages in return, I went about cleaning or whatever else I had on my list of items to get completed. Then, even when opening the refrigerator door, I noticed the light flickering. In time my spirit team’s message became evident in my times of sadness, grief, and feeling hopeless. The message was, “You are not alone.”  Blue orbs continued to appear, along with various other colors, depending on what message they wanted to convey at the time.



Cross in the dirt


On one of our daily walks on a beautiful summer day, after speaking with a lady on the phone, I was prompted to look down toward the ground, where I noticed a bone and a piece of wood resembling a cross. My spirit team encouraged me to take a picture of the cross then take it back to the cabin with me, where I found myself drawn to its energy. Later in the day, I received a phone call from a mutual friend, who told me that the lady had passed earlier in the day, and that I was the last person she spoke with before her passing.

A couple of weeks passed before the mutual friend and I conversed about the lady’s passing, and I felt that it was time to share my experience about the cross. I told him that the energy of the cross felt alien, and sent him an image of it. Within seconds my phone rang, and I answered the call with him, sharing that the picture I took was within minutes of her passing, and that she had mentioned she always felt alien.




Flying Rods

Flying Rods


I downloaded images from a trail camera and noticed the pictures resembled what I felt were fish­like, and portrayed a feeling of water. I was curious about the photographs, so I did some research on the internet and discovered that the images are called Flying Rods. I purchased a set of copper widgets so I could locate water on the land. I was preparing to experiment with the widgets when they came together, one crossing over the other in the same location as the flying rods. When it was time to install a water well, I called a locate gentleman and shared with him what had happened with the widgets in my hands. Using the widgets and educating me on how to use them, he found and drilled the water well in the location of the flying rods.




Giving Birth

Giving Birth


Giving birth is one of my favorite pictures of the activity that takes place when the portal is open. The portal is an area on the land when open is an open doorway for other dimensions to enter the earth plane. It was also the first image that spoke to me. The picture came through on a day the portal was open. There are many photos in consecutive order showing the images rotating. When first seeing this picture, the message was loud and clear: Giving birth and precisely what I needed to hear and verifying what I was currently experiencing. I am grateful for the connection I have with these other dimensions. It took time and patience from both of us to create trust. When I first attempted to connect with them, I tried too hard and I didn’t receive answers right away. When I came from a mindset of curiosity it allowed their messages to flow effortlessly.





Here's lookin at you Deer hiding in picture

Here’s lookin at you


Walking the land occasionally, I get a sense of being watched. I can see images with my eyes sometimes, whereas others come through pictures downloaded from a trail camera. Other beings show themselves in a variety of different ways.

The message: Looking at you, you are seen and watched over.






Trading Bead

Trading Bead


When I was seeking an answer to a question I had about a person, my intuition conveyed that they may have had alternative motives, with another part of me making excuses for their behaviors and words. I was experiencing an internal conflict, and seeking an answer. Drawn to a large rock on the mountain behind the cabin, the girls and I set out towards the rock, not focusing on the rock but instead looking towards the ground and admiring the stones along the way. When I looked up, we were within feet of the large rock. I touched the rock with my right hand, wondering when I would receive the answer to the question I had posed before the walk. At that moment, my intuition prompted me to look down, and I noticed a small green object beside my foot. I picked it up, my body filled with excitement, knowing it was a native American trading bead. What did it mean, though? I heard the word trader, and I laughed at myself. Of course, I would hear the word trader because it was a trading bead. Then my internal dialog got louder. Traitor! Traitor! Traitor! Awww! I got it then; the message was telling me that this person was a traitor. When I examined all that had happened with this person during our friendship, “traitor” made perfect sense. This would be a positive step in learning boundaries.





Horse Shoe and Plaque

Horse Shoe and Plaque


A family who lived down the road was moving. The wife knew my connection with Native American beliefs and rituals. She asked if I would like a box of items she found while packing, things she didn’t want to take to their new home: items she had not used, and items given to her. In the box was a plaque in the shape of an arrowhead, with an image of a Native American Indian on a horse, with his head looking down. Looking at the picture, my eyes instantly filled with tears, and I had an overwhelming sensation of sadness. My internal dialog: you are not defeated. I was not sure where to hang the plaque, and I instinctually felt that the point needed to face towards the door. I didn’t want the energy directed into the cabin. After the plaque was hung on the wall, I was prompted to do a ceremony. I took a Native American peace pipe off another wall in the room, loaded it with tobacco, stated my intention to make peace, lit the peace pipe and puffed on it, then pretended the energy from the plaque did the same. Once finished, I burned a sage smudge stick to clear any negative energy, then did the same with sweetgrass to bring in sweetness as I gave thanks, closing the ceremony. The next day an old rusty horseshoe showed up about 10 feet from the cabin door. Having lived on this land for a few years, and raking and planting grass there, I knew the horseshoe had not been there before. When I picked it up, I was reminded of a past life from the 1800s. I will talk about this in another chapter.






I reached out to people in the area with a YouTube channel, who explored paranormal activity, and received no response from the many attempts I made, including sending photographs and leaving messages asking for assistance. This surprised me, after I read what their channel was about. Both they and I were seeking the same outcome—the connection between other realms and the earth plane. There were a few differences, however; they utilized man­made devices and experienced negativity, whereas I used my natural abilities and experienced positivity. After being contacted by a gentleman who asked me to teach him how to connect with other beings, stating they also had seen and experienced a UFO, I connected with one of the entities from another dimension. The message I received: The YouTube channel experiences negativity because of how they retrieve data and the mindset they do this with. A mindset of proving something for self­gain. Other dimensions are no different than humans, and do not appreciate some humans. They, like us, perform experiments; we as humans utilize rodents and so forth.



Orb at Door

Orb with face



It was dark when I was prompted to go outside. When opening the kitchen door, I felt the presence of spirits, and I noticed faces on lights placed around the cabin. I went back inside the cabin with excitement, so I could get my phone to take pictures. When I reopened the door to go back outside, feeling spirit in proximity, I snapped a picture as I heard, “We are in this together.”










Seeking knowledge Ufo in the sky

Seeking knowledge


During the warmer months, I would build a fire and connect with the stars to seek knowledge, sometimes asking questions, sometimes receiving whatever messages came through. I sometimes saw other realms with my physical eyes, while not at other times. I always felt their presence. Some say I should not do this alone as I do. They have never let me down while outside enjoying an evening with them. They have always been gentle, kind, and loving.






Story Teller

Story Teller

This little being touched my heart in so many beautiful ways. Enjoying an evening sitting by the campfire, many entities would show themselves to me. I feel grateful to have the privilege of connecting with them. This was definitely an extraordinary night to remember with the connections made. When first learning to communicate with this image, I heard Santa Claus, which brought a smile and a sense of happiness. Further connecting with him, I heard the word “storyteller”. I have always known that someday, I would write a book, and I remembered the times when I mentioned this to my grandparents, while also sharing the book would be written after their passing.

Was it time to share my story? I asked myself. I heard, “In time, my dear, you have more to explore, experience, and learn. Start by journaling; this will open the door.”





Time to be seen Native Face in Rock

Time to be seen


While on a walk, feeling a message, and being prompted to take pictures. Once back home and reviewing the photos taken, I became
aware that spirits could take time to make themselves visible. First, I noticed the main image, and then realized that the rocks behind the main image are of what one would consider alien figures.

My message: We are all in this together. It’s time to be seen.