I was repeatedly drawn to a particular piece of wood on the many walks I took with the girls. I heard it was time to remove the mask each time I approached it. I noticed that this piece of wood was dead and looked detached from the tree. I attempted to pick it up to bring it home, only to discover its attachment to the stump and soil. At first, I thought the message was for me to take my mask off, and then I realized that the message was more about how others wear a mask, hiding who they are at their core. It also made me think about how heavy it would be to carry around when attempting to pick it up, feeling burdened.







Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the girls and I walked the land, trying to decide whether or not to cut a Christmas tree to bring inside. I had a gut feeling because to me, it simply didn’t make sense to cut a beautiful live tree, only to decorate it and then throw it away. I would be uprooting it for the sake of pleasure. Pinning decorations on a tree, and allowing it to grow outside, made more sense. I was prompted to look down, and I noticed a piece of wood that resembled a reindeer. I brought it home, grateful for the wonderful gift.




Wolf head



The more I trusted myself, the more messages I was given, and the more messages I understood. While raking an area behind the cabin, I heard a piece of wood calling out to me. I walked over to the piece of wood, wondering why this little piece of wood called out to me. As
I began to remove the soil around it, I discovered that the piece was much larger than I thought. When turning the piece of wood over, I felt like my breath was taken away when I saw what resembled a wolf head and an eye hole, I could look through. I remembered the story about which wolf you will feed, the good wolf or the bad wolf, which came from a story I heard many years ago regarding our life choices. Feeding the good wolf brings us joy and happiness, whereas feeding the bad wolf brings negativity and despair. I thanked it for the message and brought it into the cabin. Now, when negative thoughts arise, looking at that piece automatically brings my thoughts to which wolf I choose to feed.







My eyes were drawn to a snake. At first, I thought it was alive, and I felt nervous and ready to run, when something stopped me and
prompted me to walk towards the snake. As I got closer, I became aware that the snake was dead. I instantly heard a message through
a metaphor: snakes who do not shed their skins die. Shed the old, what is no longer working, or parts of you will die, free yourself! I
brought the snake home as a reminder to continue learning, discovering, and being curious about life with a sense of gratitude.







Cloud Image of Baby

Baby Cloud

My son and his wife mentioned wanting to conceive another baby. Prompted by spirit, I asked them to meet with me for a surprise, not saying what I had been encouraged to do. On the way to meet them, I stopped to purchase a helium balloon congratulating them on the birth of their new baby, and a card welcoming the new baby’s arrival. They arrived with their three children; we said hello before we began spirit’s prompting. We all gathered in a circle, holding hands as the words released from my mouth began. We imagined how it felt to hold the baby, hearing what it sounds like when the baby cried, sucked its bottle, laughed, and responded to us, as we pretended to communicate with it. We then celebrated by gathering to eat together. Within the next couple of months, a cloud appeared above the cabin, and I received the message that my daughter-in-law had conceived, later giving birth to a son.



Alien Face

Face overlooking Portal


By this time, I was aware of where the portal was located on the property, and of all the healings and messages which had come forth.  Having lived on the land for five years, I was drawn to a rock facing the portal. I felt so blessed and grateful for all I had been shown, the lessons I had learned, excitement for the moment, and what was to come.